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Jdit is a research processing oriented framework based on pytorch. Only care about your ideas. You don't need to build a long boring code to run a deep learning project to verify your ideas.

You only need to implement you ideas and don't do anything with training framework, multiply-gpus, checkpoint, process visualization, performance evaluation and so on.

If you have any problems, or you find bugs you can contact the author.




    tensorboard >= 1.12.0
    tensorboardX >= 1.4
    pytorch >= 0.4.1

From source

This method is recommended, because you can keep the newest version.

  1. Clone from githubgit clone
  2. Setup By using to install the package.python bdist_wheel
  3. Install You will find packages in jdit/dist/. Use pip to install. Replace 0.0.x with the specify version number.pip install dist/jdit-0.0.x-py3-none-any.whl

From pip

pip install jdit